2015 Philadelphia Film Festival

I got to nine films at this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival and contributed reviews to popOptiq (formerly Sound on Sight). The highlights were undoubtedly I Am a Soldier and Welcome to Leith, a small tight drama and a distressing documentary, respectively. All reviews are linked here.

Fatima (Faucon, 2015)

Welcome to Leith (Nichols, Walker, 2015)

Magallanes (del Solar, 2014)

I Am A Soldier (Lariviere, 2015)

Dheepan (Audiard, 2015)

Evolution (Hadzihalilovic, 2015)

Naz & Maalik (Dockendorf, 2015)

(T)ERROR (Cabral, Sutcliffe, 2015)

Bridgend (Ronde, 2015)


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Shooting, teaching, writing and watching the Phillies.
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