Beyond the Black Rainbow (Cosmatos, 2010) – Philly Film Fest

Link to a formal review at the end.

Wow, what a waste of cinematic space.  Every once in awhile I come across a film that I am convinced is only well received because of arthouse pretensions.  Chalk Beyond the Black Rainbow up in that category.

I like arthouse cinema as much as the next guy.  What I don’t like is a film that lives off of reference and seems to have no narrative, experimental, or aesthetic value.  Okay, so there are a few nice visual moments in BBR – a wall melting in the background, the evil protagonist removing his wig – but for all of the Cronenberg, Lucas and Kubrick references in here this is one hell of a shallow and ill-conceived film.

The concept sort of plays like The Human Centipede without the centipede – mad scientist traps young girl, (unintentional) hilarity ensues.  I dislike this film so much that I don’t even really want to write much more about it.  Most of what I want to say is in my review, though there’s one bit of true awesomeness in it, which revolves around a bunch of 80s metal-heads and a campfire.

Waste of time.

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