Some Adam Sandler film on mute (some person, some year)

I’m just back from China and will be writing about three types of films the next few weeks: films I saw on the airplane (this one), films I saw at the Shanghai Film Festival, and films I’ve seen otherwise.

I don’t know what this film is called, though I suppose I could easily look it up.  I didn’t bother with the headphones on the plane.  So…here’s my interpretation of what happened in this film, among other things, watching it while eating pretty bad airline food and with someone’s head occasionally in the way.

Adam Sandler plays some kind of a doctor.  But I don’t think there’s much indication that he’s a doctor outside of one scene where he’s with Jennifer Aniston and has to give some woman a breast reduction.  I think Aniston is his assistant.  There were probably a lot of boob jokes in this scene.  My guess is that they were only moderately funny considering that the director kept cutting to the woman’s chest.  So…yeah, probably slapstick-y type with a lot of Sandler SNL-era overreactions to the size.

Sandler’s got some friend who doesn’t really wear glasses, but for some reason in the plot decides to.  I’m sure that this is well-written in the script.  The friend is kind of a dork.

Sandler is attracted to Brooklyn Decker.  But little does he know that he will end up with Aniston.  Why does Jennifer Aniston always play the same kind of character?  She’s the perpetual “attractive friend who is second fiddle.”  She also has a lot of really annoying head movements and facial expressions in this unnamed movie.

So in this plot lots of awesome things happen including great cameos by Dave Matthews and Nicole Kidman.  Brooklen Decker gets to wear a bathing suit and surprise everyone with her great looks, but…who woulda thunk that Aniston also looks great in a bathing suit as well.  Oh, hurrah, what a great scene!

There are two annoying kids, especially a girl who is very mature for her age.  They prefer Aniston.  Sandler though, being the boob man that he is, is too into Decker to see his true love who was there all the time.  It’s like an awesome fairy tale come to life!

Hijinks ensue.  There were a lot of times when people on the plane laughed and then I laughed so I wouldn’t feel left out.  I ate mashed potatoes.  I tried to nap but kept doing that thing where your head falls forward and then you snap awake.  Sandler’s friend fell asleep with his hand in the toilet (but really…who hasn’t done that?).

Overall this is the best movie I’ve seen in years, if not ever.  It really made me appreciate airline food and the finer things in life – namely plastic surgery and swimsuit models.

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2 Responses to Some Adam Sandler film on mute (some person, some year)

  1. Terri says:

    Haha this unnamed romantic comedy is called Just Go with It, I saw it on the airplane too… Apparently Brooklyn Decker is the best ace that Andy Roddick ever hit…

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