Cinequest, style and lack of sleep

Here at Cinequest, so this post is going to sound disjointed (how often do I say that?).  Great premiere Saturday night.  We had a large audience.  Everyone jumped – and we got one “oh my god” – at the perfect part of the film.  People really seemed to enjoy it and I’ve been getting comments from people throughout the rest of the fest.

Round 2 is tonight at 9:15.  I’m curious to see if word-of-mouth does anything for us.

The premiere was nerve-wracking.  I almost had to leave 20 minutes in.  I’ve seen this film so many times that I can’t get a feel for how it’s playing.  Is it too slow?  Does the audience get it?  Are people bothered by things that I’m bothered by?  It’s really a unique way to see the film and I’m wondering if it will slowly change the more frequently I see it with a large audience, or if it will always feel the same no matter the crowd and time.  Luckily we had some friendly faces in the audience, which really helped ease the process.  That and the fact that it was well-received really made it much easier to get through.

So here’s a question: is lack of style in a film an inherently bad thing?  No mentioning of names, but I saw a film that I found style-less.  I couldn’t feel that there was anyone besides a machine, besides the camera.  But there was still a story, still actors, still an arc.  So what’s the deal?  Do I need to know that someone is “directing” or if I get a narrative am I satisfied?  For me, I want to know that you have an aesthetic sensibility, but more importantly, that the aesthetics matter to you and that they are working tandem (or sometimes against) the narrative.  More on this later…

No sleep at film festivals.  I finally got some last night and am now finally losing the jet lag.  Time to pass out more postcards, check out some other films and continue to enjoy the fest.

I’ll write up on some of the individual films later on, including the ones I watched on my flight (Kurosawa’s The Idiot and Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood).


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