Addendum to The Secret In Their Eyes

One thing bugged me overnight about this film.  Mini SPOILERS here:

The ending poses a huge moral dilemma for Benjamin, one that is essentially implied through his reaction, but not necessarily followed up on.  That much is fine with me.  In fact, I think it’s somewhat appropriate for this moral question to go unresolved (or, fully resolved, depending on how you look at it).

What does bother me is that immediately following this shattering reveal, Benjamin takes the initiative that he has lacked all of these years and decides to basically profess his love to the woman of his dreams.

As standalone elements, neither are troublesome, but the film implies that one (shattering reveal) directly influences the other (profession of love).  I realize that the implication is closure – the ending of a chapter (pun intended, eh eh?) as it were – but it still seems tenuous and even illogical given the character progression to this point.


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